GizaGig - Our Story

Whether it's filling the diary, organising posters, or creating social media posts for upcoming gigs, every stage of the process is slow. So much time is spent making phonecalls, sending emails, waiting for responses, etc. that managing an annual gigs calendar can amount to weeks of work.

At least this was the experience of founder Cathal Dolan. Working as both a musician and a booker for a bar, he believed that there had to be an easier way. Hence, GizaGig was born.

Rolling out across 2016/2017, GizaGig is a cloud based live entertainment management, and real-time booking system. At its core it works similarly to online booking systems such as hotel booking sites, allowing Users to search, preview, check ratings & reviews, and make bookings.

It does much more however, helping Acts and Venues to manage and promote their upcoming gigs and events. Features such as the printing and distribution of posters, and the publishing of engaging posts to social media platforms, helps keep fans and customers informed. Meanwhile the full reporting suite allows users to quickly analyse the who, where, when and how much.

So if you book live Acts to perform, or if you're a live Act wanting to perform, GizaGig is being developed for you!