GizaGig - The ultimate way to Book, Manage and Promote Bookings!

GizaGig is an easy to use tool for live entertainment Acts that have a modern and professional attitude. It lets you receive instant bookings for all types of events, and where appropriate, we’ll promote those bookings on your social media platforms and on venue posters. We’ll even keep you and all of your Act colleagues up to date with upcoming gig info by text message. The system is free to use, with a handling fee only being payable on bookings received.

BETA - A Work in Progress

Our initial launch is in Beta mode. This means there may still be some bugs and issues with the system, and certain pages and functionality may not be launched.

The next phase is instant bookings, delivered over the coming months. Sign up now and enter all of your act info, so you're ready to hit the ground running when Instant Booking launches. You'll also start to benefit from some of the features already developed. So what are waiting for? Sign up now!

Why use GizaGig

Profile Page

The ultimate Act profile page

Knowing what’s important when trying to sell your Act is difficult. Even writing about yourself is tough. No longer! Our clever software makes it easy, and gives you the ultimate Act page to show off your wares and get the bookings you deserve.

Social Media

Take the hassle out of social media

Keep forgetting to post about your upcoming gigs? We’ll ensure that doesn’t happen again by creating and publishing regular posts directly to your Act Social Media pages.

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

Sick of losing out gigs to acts of a lesser standard than you? With ratings and reviews, Bookers can separate the professionals from the chancers, so the best Acts can get the best gigs.

Question Mark

How do bookings work for Acts?

Bookers search for Acts like you, just as they’d search for a hotel. They can check your videos, sets lists, read ratings and reviews left by others. And if they like you, Book you instantly!

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