Act No-Show Guarantee

Our Act “No-Show Guarantee” gives you the confidence to know that whoever you book will turn up, as and when expected. However, we can all be subjected to things beyond our control! When this happens to an Act you book through GizaGig and they can’t do the Gig, we still want to ensure your event is a success. So we will do our utmost to find you a suitable Act replacement. However, this may not always be possible. Where it’s not, we will pay you a “No-Show Guarantee” compensation fee to help cover any inconveniences experienced.

What can I Claim for?
As a Booker, you may lodge a claim in any of the following circumstances:

  • Act fails to turn up
  • Act doesn’t start within an hour of the agreed time
  • Act are unable to perform the Gig
  • Condition of the Act and/or their equipment is deemed as being unsafe for them to perform
  • Act cancels, giving less than 24 hours notification

How Much can I Claim?
The amount paid depends on the event type and agreed fee:

  • Pub Gig: 8.9% of fee, up to €100
  • Private Function: 12.5% of fee, up to €250
  • Wedding Ceremony: 12.5% of fee, up to €100
  • Wedding Before/Afters: 12.5% of fee, up to €100
  • Wedding Reception: 15% of fee, up to €250
  • Corporate Function: 15% of fee, up to €250

Does it Apply to All Bookings?
No. It applies only to Acts that have achieved “No-Show Guarantee” status. These Acts display the guarantee seal on search results and on their Act profile page.

How are Claims Made?
You can lodge a claim via the system within 72hrs of the intended event start time. You will be asked to outline why you are lodging the claim, and provide any evidence you may have have to back it up. We will then contact the Act, outlining your claim, allowing them 3 working days in which to respond. Where they accept the claim or fail to respond, payment will be made to you. Where the Act disputes the claim, they will be asked to provide evidence such as photos and videos to back-up their counter-claim. GizaGig Admin will then adjudicate, providing a final decision on the claim.

Complete “No-Show Guarantee” T&C’s