GizaGig - The ultimate way to Book, Manage and Promote live entertainment in your bar.

GizaGig is an easy to use tool that takes the hassle and time out of booking, managing and promoting live entertainment events. Our intelligent search function lets you instantly book the best Acts for your pub. We’ll promote the events on social media (along with any TV sports you’re showing!), create monthly posters, and keep you and your staff up to date with SMS notifications. The system is free to use, with only a small optional monthly poster fee.

BETA - A Work in Progress

Our initial launch is in Beta mode. This means there may still be some bugs and issues with the system, and certain pages and functionality may not be launched.

The next phase is instant bookings, delivered over the coming months. Until then, start seeing the benefits immediately and sign up now. Straight away we’ll start posting to your Facebook page, and keep everyone involved with existing bookings up to date by text message. Sign-up is free, as are these services. So what are waiting for? Sign up now!

Why use GizaGig


Monthly entertainment and sports posters

From live music, comedy, DJ’s and table quizzes, to Premiership derbies and the Rugby 6 Nations... if you have something on in your bar, it will be on the posters we produce and send to you every month!


Take the hassle out of social media

Don’t have time to post to Facebook, or don’t know what to write? Don’t worry; we’ll do it all for you! Every live band, every game on T.V., everything you have on in your pub, we’ll promote it daily and direct to your Facebook page.


Know what you're spending and when

It can be hard sometimes to keep track of how much you’re spending on live entertainment, when you’re spending it and with whom. No longer! A full reporting suite tells you everything you need to know.


How do bookings work for your Venue?

We make booking live Acts for your Venue as easy as booking a hotel room; Search, Sort, Filter, Book! It’s simple, fast, professional, and bookings made through us are backed up by our unique “No Show Guarantee”.

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